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Monday, March 30, 2009

Why Does Obama's Teleprompter Hate America?

Without a doubt, many of the attacks from the far-right against President Obama have amounted to nothing more than the political equivalent of speaking in tongues. The attacks are only marginally more coherent than Steve Carell's Brick Tamland character from Anchorman shouting "LOUD NOISES!" for the sake of shouting something. Anything.

The most ridiculous of the loud noises are the ones that entirely ignore the legacy of the previous president. Specifically, the very same people making the loudest noises about President Obama have also spent the last eight years spastically applauding President Bush's worst trespasses every step of the way. The far-right's staggering disregard for the significant flaws of the former Republican president confounds logic when measured against their ridiculous attacks on the current president.

ATTACK: President Obama took a vacation to Hawaii.
REALITY: President Bush set a record for presidential vacations during two wars and a major hurricane.

ATTACK: President Obama's budget could double the national debt.
REALITY: President Bush's spending actually did.

ATTACK: President Obama is "shredding the Constitution."
REALITY: You mean there's a Constitution left to be shredded?

ATTACK: President Obama chuckled while talking about bailing out the auto industry.
REALITY: President Bush routinely smirked and grinned while talking about the significantly more serious issues of war and military casualties.

ATTACK: President Obama is incompetent.
REALITY: Do I even need to do the list?

ATTACK: President Obama is presiding over a one-party fascist government.
REALITY: This is not a joke.

So. Loud noises!

This is sort of like a fan of the Jonas Brothers accusing Death Cab for Cutie of selling out. Devoid of logic or basic consistency, these attacks are reduced to being nothing more than angry shouting. Speaking in tongues. All told, there isn't a single Bush flaw that hasn't been hamhandedly projected onto President Obama, and we're not even three months into the Obama presidency.

But wait. There's more...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

In her own words

JSN has written many negative things on her website about the RPD and the RFD. Often times these things are cloaked under fiscal or other concerns. Most of us here have known that this was personal from the amount of venom spit on those providing town services.

The following is taken directly from the TRR forum (legally accessed), the only modification being parts are bolded and underlined. It clearly indicates that JSN is not as concerned with the needs of the citizens of this town as she is with revenge.

Despite this being obvious for some time, our selectmen have continued to support her presence on decision making boards.

Admin 5 days ago
ActivityRank: 2266
He needed to seriously think about if being poor is a crime!!! Lou, you did nothing wrong but provide a perspective that doesn't fit into the agenda of the RPD. They need the poor to commit crimes so they can boost their call volume. Why don't they help them and refer them to services if they are druggies? Why don't they work with them and give them defect cards if they are not drunk? Why don't they stop showing up to their houses like a bunch of "gestapos" looking for something to get them on? It is so incredibly sad to be marked in Rumford, Maine. I am especially sensitive to it because my brother was marked and he couldn't do anything without them turning it into a crime. He was a good kid who was beat down by the man and it only made him feel worse about life on this Earth.

lou 5 days ago
ActivityRank: 1082
The crappy part is that it is so hard to actually prove harassment and do anything about it.

Admin 5 days ago
ActivityRank: 2266
I know. Therefore, you cut their budgets in an effort to stop them. And, then maybe they will think twice before they shit all over people.

It is time that she is removed from these boards and replaced with someone that won't use their positions of power to exact their own personal revenge. When anyone does this, they are exacting their revenge on every single member of this community. Our selectmen know this. It's past time for them to put a stop to it.