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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


10-15-08 submitted by Judy O'Neil

Last spring the town was awarded a small grant to form a commission which would then create a forestry management plan. This forestry management plan would encompass all town-owned properties and be included as a sub-topic in the Town of Rumford's overall Comprehensive Plan.
People have some great ideas about planting and we will want those ideas soon, but remember, we had applied for two grants. We did not receive the monies to fund any planting in front of the Town Hall. The grant received does not provide monies to plant anything. The sole purpose is to create a plan for the management and care of our town-owned trees and woodlots.
As the commission begins formation of a plan, projects that include tree planting and things of that nature may then be recommended. Once we have completed formation of the commission and have created a plan, we will then be able to pursue further grants to fund tree plantings, etc.
At this point, we have four members of a commission, including grant writers Terry Palmer (grant paperwork administrator), Tim Gallant (Rumford Parks Department) and Judy O'Neil (volunteer), plus our newest volunteer Brian Milligan (Forestry Consultant). We will be placing ads (see below) in the local paper advertising for volunteers for the commission. Jan Santerre, Department of Conservation, Maine Forest Service is Project Canopy Coordinator and will advise our newly formed commission.

Town of Rumford seeks volunteers to develop policies & procedures on Town-owned wood lots & properties. Project includes complete tree inventories and free training. Informational meeting to be held on November 13, at 5:30 pm in Town Auditorium. FMI contact Tim Gallant, Rumford Parks Department at 364-7758. ALL WELCOME

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